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<font color='#000000'>hey everyone!
         Well... once again you have a newbi to the site! I'm more from the toymods site, im always on there! I've got alot of friends who might become interested in this site!

Just over 8 months ago i bought a 1988 "white lightning" series celica, i had it for 5 months and til this day i swear it was cursed or something! I had it a week and someone ran into the back of me, a month later a guy went into the side of me and a month after i got that all fixed i wrote the car off R.I.P silycar 1!!! its been 3 months since i wrote off the 88 and now I have a 1991 celica, I've had this celica for just over a month now and I have started to do the mods to it.
 Anyway, About myself:
Name: Stef
Gender: Female!!
From: Adelaide, South Australia
D.O.B: 16/07/1986
Interests: I love supras!, otherwise, doing up my celica, going out with friends and just general cruising!

 About my car:
Make: 1991 Toyota celica SX
Mods: (all ISOTTA) racing steering wheel, shift light, gear knob, gear boot, hand break cover, hand break boot, and racing pedals... Racing hydraluic clutch... Just got the car resprayed super bright white with a lylic (pink/purple) pearl through it! Looks pretty nice only problem with pearl is that its impossible to see in photos! but to get the gyst in some lights the car will look white and others it will look lylic! Custom number plates reading "SILYCAR"

Future Mods: lowering and 17" chrome rims coming very soon, 2,1/2" stainless steel full exhaust system w/ extractors, full veilside supra bodykit, full custom interior..

WISHLIST!!!: GT4 engine conversion!!!

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<font color='#8D38C9'>Hiya Stef and welcome to the the site!

It's nice to have another girl on the forums who's into cars.  Though we've been having an influx of girls, and the ratio is off... we need more guys now! lol

Well, welcome again and I hope you enjoy yourself!  :thumbsup:</font>
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