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Hi everyone,

I've had a zephyr blue metallic 2004 GT Celica for 7 years or so now and have always thought of grabbing a GT-S (unfortunately mine is an automatic.)
I'm looking for something nice within 4-6 hours of Dalton, PA or Milledgeville, GA (though GA would require some time for me to get down to my family.) Must be a 7th generation 6-speed MT GT-S.
-prefer lower mileage but not a deal breaker
-prefer it having an OEM body kit + spoiler
-OEM HID? Yes please!
-highly prefer it to be in good shape, both mechanically and cosmetically
-can be any color though I am partial to mine and white 😘
My budget is entirely dependent on what's available. Let me see you're hidden gems!
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