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went and got a quote yesterday for getting the tint done on my 91. $295AU for the "darkest" legal tint.

295!!!!!!!! there is no way im paying 300 bucks for what looks about as dark as not having washed the car for a week. i want limo black. i dont want anyone to be able to see in....

tis k my flatmate knows a bloke that does illegal tints
have to go check him out.
ill post pics once i get it done,.

oh also i changed the oil on sunday....mmm sooo easy...  was the fiorst time ive changed it since getting this car. my old car (honda civic) had the filter in the *worst* place to get out. jemmed up between the back of the engine and the firewall. was an absolute nightmare to get out, could hardly get a filter wrench in there. but on the 5sfe just reach in grab it in the wrench and out, didndt even ahve to get under. that was good except for the fact i dropped my ratchet in the dirty oil pan.
i guess it wont rust now though
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