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Where to buy CV Axle for Auto 92 ST?

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I have a 1992 auto celica st with both driver and passenger side cvs shot. I bought replacement parts and went to replace them and neither of them fit. There is like a slight difference between the original and the new part. I've been searching online and in store and nothing I've found matches the oem cv axle. I called Toyota and was told the part was discontinued. It may be a simple answer but if anyone has an experience or info on replacing the cv axle or more importantly where to find one that actually fits my car.
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I would suggest you look at (more specifically: 1992 TOYOTA CELICA 1.6L L4 CV Axle | RockAuto)

On the link, depending if you have an automatic or manual transmission, you should be able to select the correct front axle for your 1992 Celica ST.
Also, hang onto your old ones. You can send them out to be rebuilt.

Common thing with old cars. Have 2 of everything. One is running while you spend 2 years finding parts it rebuiders for the other.

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What sefiro suggests is a good recommendation. Axles for this model year will not be available that much longer. I have a 1990 & 1993 Celica, and parts are getting more and more difficult to get new these days. A good frame and axle shop will be able to rebuild the old original axles at a reasonable cost - and the rebuilt axles will likely be better than new aftermarket axles on the market.
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