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Wheel Chop Request

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Since I suck at doing wheel chops, I was wondering if any of you would be able to do one for me real quick. Any opinions on which wheels are better are welcome as well.

Gram Lights 57 Pro:

OZ Chrono Revolution:

Pictures of my car found here:
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lol, thx, they look better a bit smaller
good quality !
alot more cleaner pics than film ones

btw, did you got any photo software with camera ?
i got software but i havent installed it, u think i should?
I would imagine the software that comes with a digital camera would suck assballs.

Have you tried downloading Gimp? It is a free alternative to Photoshop. VTECKiller actually prefers it and denied the free copy of PS I offered him.
if Gimp costs money, i probably cant affr0d it....but ive tried thos PS type programs, they are a b**** to get used to and figure out
Gimp is free.
ok, thx i was just at the site and theres like 5 different versions...i was overwhelmed
awwww man, what a hassle

GTK+ 2.0 runtime environment was not found on your computer. GTK+ Runtime Environment version 2.4.14 or newer is required to use The Gimp. You can download GTK+ 2.0 runtime environment from <>.
Please install GTK+ before running the Gimp setup again.
I guess it is back to MSPaint for you then...
my EOS 300D came with photoshop elements 2..
A70 came with Photoshop elements 1

i have played with Elements 2 little just to see what kinda it is.. and i gotta say its pretty good one.

Elements 1 was too limited IMO
Nice chop Hammer, but
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Hehe, yeah I know... I just happened to have taken the side pic of my car earlier so I figured I might as well try it :p

You all know you wish you had my l337 MS-Paint skills... don't hate... jk
did you really made that with M$ paint ?
because that looks really good...
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