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Toyota Celica GT 1600 twincam 1987
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Hi there. For many years I have had a wet dream about owning a Celica Supra 86 model... but I guess I just have to realize that that will never be a reality. haha! However I now have the chance to get my hands on the "little brother" if I may call it so.
I am about to buy a 87 model celica gt 1600 twincam. <3
There are a few things needed to be done with it, but overall it is in a fearly good condition. But it needs some love and care.
This is going to be my daily driver, and I live in Bergen in Norway and it rains here, ALOT :-0 So first of: It is leaking in water some place in the back of the roof area / around the rear view window (?) so this is the first thing I have to look into since I don't have a garage for it. Do you have any tips to where I should start checking? Are there any commonly known areas recommended to check out first?

Second: there is rust on the front fenders, not so much that all hope is gone, but enough that it is time to start doing something with it. Is it possible to buy new ones, and have them shipped to Norway? or do I have to mask up and start welding ;-)

Other tips you might have for me on things worthy to check up I say yes please ;-)
Thanks in advance for good answers and help.

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