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<font color='#000000'>Hi guys, Im from the UK and own a 2002 VVTLI 190, standard car just added some PS23 friction eliminator to the engine. Thought I'd take a look at your forums.
I have had some good tustles in my 190 including a little race this Friday with an M3. Although I had no chance of getting past he couldn't shake me off and I followed him all the way up tp 151MPH!! Or that's what the speedo said anyway. I was amazed the previous best clocking was 147, my car will always hit 140 no probs anything above is a bonus!! Previous scalps include 2 x Subara WRX's, various Golf GTI Turbos and so on. I'm sure my car is far quicker than the standard Toyota figures, as long as you can keep it in the power band!!!
Before you ask, yes I am mad and a total speed freak!!!</font>
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