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Vacuum switching valve

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Has anyone relocated their vacuum switching valve from the unearthly location on the back of the block? 5sfe.
Geesh, those engineers certainly didn't think of service when designing that portion.
I'm putting all new vacuum hoses on and going to relocate their positions to something more manageable and visible. Wondering if there was some actual reason for that stupid position that is next to impossible to get to unless you have really skinny arms or want to remove the drive axle passenger side.
I managed to successfully remove the electrical connection plug and unbolted the two ground wires that were also located in the area. Ordered a new valve and thinking of mounting it on the firewall and relocating the ground wires somewhere topside.
Any opinions??
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Yep, it's for the EGR control that is located just avbove it.

BTW, vacuum hoses at the local parta stores are the wrong diameter. I got the right size from volkswagon where they could sell me 10'. Their hose has a braided surface to aid in antiabraision.

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Leaky valve cover is the cause of the soaked.hoses on the backside.

As these are the egr valve control, then-
a) if the im to vsv hose is leaking, you would get higher rpm or idle hunt at idle
b) if vsv to egr hose is leaking, then you would not nurture anything as vacuum is only supplied at the 2k-3k to range (when the the is opened). But at that rpm, the ecu would have compensated in a way that would not have been noticed.

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