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<font color='#000000'>ok update on my luck.. for those who read the topic about my girls moms car breaking down and all here is a update
got the new engine tuesday morning. got it in tuesday night, started up great, everything was good went to take it for a test drive and it drove for about 100feet then died wouldnt start, finally started but wouldnt idle had to keep reving it to keep it alive got it back to the shop and called it a day, wendsday morning started looking at it and found out that the mass air flow meter was bad, the car runs when its dissconnected, (i cant explain that) anyway it runs a little rough but better then nothing, I called and ordered a new one, but they didnt have it in stock and said the could get it in that afternoon, took the car for a drive it started whinning really bad, sounded like a belt went back to the shop to look at the belts they all were tightened good, then touched the alternator and it was so hot it burnt my hands, so i started it agian while the hood was open it was whinning again i looked back at the alternator and the thing started smoking. so i called and ordered that also, agian it was gonna be in that afternoon, come 5pm i get a call and they have the alternator in but cant get the maf sensor intill friday i went and picked up the alternator put it in that night and went to drive it home, while pulling out of the shop it started knocking, not really bad, i mean it doesnt sound like a bad bearing just a small knock. i though it was the tranny so i drove it home the way home it was really rough cause it doesnt have the maf sensor in it, but it got me home. i called on friday to get the maf sensor so i can finish this car, they said its not in and we wont be able to get it intill atleast monday, my girls mom was pissed cause now she wont drive the car cause it "bucks" i honestly dont know what she is talking about she only drove it down the driveway and she says it "bucks" and she refuses to drive it intill it stops. i also found out that the knocking is not coming from the tranny but it is coming from the engine. i dont know what it is and im not even going to worry about it intill i get the maf sensor cause that might have something to do with it.
but wait there is some good news in this....
from her old engine i got these parts for mine...
crank positioning sensor, cam positioning sensor, coil packs so now i can do wasted spark on my car, i got 4 injectors i think i might add them to my 4 and have them activate when i hit boost. i also got a huge throttle body it is a 69mm, a lot bigger then the stock one. i had to bore out the hole on the intake manifold to get it to fit, but besides that it is a bolt on  :D</font>
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