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Unibody & trunk lid

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Recently discovered the frame on my 91 gt is cracked. Its clearly been in a fender bender w it's previous owner because the body lines in hood, headlines and driver door are out of whack by 1/4". Where the passenger lower control arm and sway bar attach to the frame there are 2 small cracks, and a larger one. Enough that the body shops won't touch it. It needs 2 bolts to be drilled out and replaced by bigger. My question is, would this be he cause of the trunk lid not going all the way down - maybe the whole unibody pushed backwards? No visible creasing in the rear of car. This causes the trunk to leak.
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First, you 1991 Celica GT, based on how you described it, probably is not safe to be driven. And with the type of damage it has, it likely should not be repaired. I've owned six 5th Gen Celica's, and they are great cars, but they are not great enough to be driven in the condition of the one you have.

Second, I doubt front-end damage affects your trunk lid. 5th Gen Celica coupes & convertibles (assuming yours is a coupe or convertible) had a complicated set of trunk lid hinges that often had the pivoting links getting less capable of pivoting due to corrosion in the pivot joints. Those hinges needed to be lubricated with a silicone lubricant often to maintain proper operation. I'll bet you have not kept up with lubricating those hinges. You can get some silicon lubricant and try spraying that on all the areas where the trunk lid hinges have pivot joints and see if you can loosen them up. But if they are badly corroded, those hinges are probably beyond being saved.
Send a picture.

Yep, std body shop won''t touch it. You'll have to take it to a custom shop which will have more experience at custom metal work.

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