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Transmission Issue

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Hey. Just picked up a 94 Celica GT. On the way home I stalled the car really hard twice as I’m pretty new. Next thing I know the car initially went from 1st to 2nd. After pulling over and shutting the car off and then trying to pull off again the car is pretty much stuck in gear. Attached are some videos of me only being able to go up and down and not side to side.

here’s a photo as well.
Not sure what that grey stuff is. But the other side does not have it nor something looking like to hold it in place.
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If you just bought that car, and if that problem (temporary fix) was not disclosed to you, I would highly recommend you take the car back to get your payment refunded. Selling a car like that and not informing a potential buyer is not acceptable.
It looks like your shift cable anchors on the transmission side are broken. Unfortunately, those anchors are part of the transaxle case - they are part of the aluminum casting. I have no idea how you are going to repair that without getting a replacement case. I'm assuming your shift cables are just fine, but because the anchors broke, there is no way to shift now.
That would be a great question to ask the previous owner.

Remember, we are all assuming something after seeing only 1 picture. If I were you, I would spend a good hour or two to analyze that area you marked up on that picture, to verify exactly what is going on there. We in this forum cannot do that - but you certainly can and should.
Would a 3gste trans swap easily into this? There’s a junkyard 93 Celica in my area and it seems to be in a decent shape.
You have a salvage yard with a 1993 Celica All-Trac in it (with 3S-GTE engine)? Where is that salvage yard?

No, you have a 6th Gen Celica (1994) and a 1993 Celica is a 5th Gen. The All-Trac has all wheel drive (AWD), so the transmission has an added transfer case and a drive shaft heading towards a rear differential. That transmission is not compatible in any way to your drive-train or the body of your Celica.

Go to and look for a manual transmission for your 1994 Celica from area salvage yards. I'm sure you will find something. When you find a suitable replacement, you'll have to determine if it is best to use the entire salvage transmission, or if it is best to disassemble both and just use the intact housing from the salvage transmission on yours. You might have to take everything to a good, respected transmission shop in your area to do all this. Others are suggesting welding your current setup. That's another option - just be aware welding on a transmission case tends to make the area more brittle, and it also greatly heats up the insides of the case and could damage components within the transmission. If you take the transmission out, then take it apart so you just have the transmission housing left, welding is best done that way.
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