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Transmission Issue

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Hey. Just picked up a 94 Celica GT. On the way home I stalled the car really hard twice as I’m pretty new. Next thing I know the car initially went from 1st to 2nd. After pulling over and shutting the car off and then trying to pull off again the car is pretty much stuck in gear. Attached are some videos of me only being able to go up and down and not side to side.

here’s a photo as well.
Not sure what that grey stuff is. But the other side does not have it nor something looking like to hold it in place.
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oh oh....Looks like JB Weld. Somebody glued it together or tried to hold it in place.
From the picture maybe a bracket of sorts broke off the transmission casting?
That would be a great question to ask the previous owner.

Remember, we are all assuming something after seeing only 1 picture. If I were you, I would spend a good hour or two to analyze that area you marked up on that picture, to verify exactly what is going on there. We in this forum cannot do that - but you certainly can and should.
Never say never. Everything can be fixed one way or another.
Options after you clean all that plastic off.
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1. get a bone yard transmission $$$$
2. drill and tap some holes in the case and bolt on a make shift bracket (no pun intended)
3. aluminum can be welded. Search for local machinists in your area and see if they would weld a solid piece back on that can be drilled out to match whatever it is you have there.
If it is a project have one.
I bought one for a project and with the help of this site and actually experts I have it running and driving like new.
Don't give up but consider it a lesson learned.
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