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Check this out...I was checking out my stats/logs and found hit coming from this site: so I checked it out and what do I find? mentioned in their article, which is actually located here:

The article, translated roughly by AltaVista reads:

"Toyota Celica in line!
"The fanatics of the Toyota Célica already have their community in line. In "" they will find information, the news, tips technicians and can include the photo of his vehicle like the one of Mr. Montero of Peru that proudly appears accompanied of its Toyota Celica ST 1989. The photos are rotated randomly por  what whenever you open this page you find photos diferentes.  

"Celica was designed originally for the motorists who of young heart wanted something more than transport means. The planning began in 1967 and the vehicle left to the public in 1971. Based on Ex-1 prototipo  del  "Car of the future", its style was revolutionary in its time and determinant in the subcompact futures.

"The original Celica tapeworm a carburetor with motor of four cylinders, moving 1,6 liters. It was the answer of Toyota to the Mustang. Version ST only made in the beginning until in 1974 it appeared model GT. In 1976, the Celica line only extended with the appearance of the model back door ("hatchback") available in line GT.

"For 1986, the line of the Célica changed completely. With front traction, of curved lines and a powerful motor of 2,0 liters and double axis of levies.

"The fifth generation was introduced in 1990. More power and better finished did of this called generation "All-Trac" the one of greater power with motors of 200 horsepowers with turbocargadores."
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