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Throttle jerking when accelerating on long trips

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I have had this problem where on long trips I get this Throttle jerking when accelerating and it’s gets worse and worse until I have to stop curse Is on drivable I have only noticed it happening in the sommer don’t no if it’s relevant

I check the engine code and it said code 13
(Engine speed sensor above 1000 rpm)

I have the manuel for my 4afe engine I know it can be many things but has anybody had any issues similar to mine or know what the problem cloud be ?

Allsow the speed engine sensor/crank postion sensor do any body know where is located?
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Well Silas, you did not reply back. Maybe you resolved the issue. DTC 13 is an RPM Signal fault code. You can see more about it in the list of DTC's for a 5th Gen Celica 4A-FE engine attached. The NE signal is generated within the distributor by one of two hall-effect sensors. As such, DTC 13 can set if the hall effect signal is no longer capable of being generated by the hall effect sensor in the distributor, or there is a short or open in the wiring between the distributor and the ECM, or the ECM is faulty.

I would suggest you remove your distributor cap and see if you have any oil residue inside the cap. If you do, that oil residue could be causing the issue with the hall effect sensor. You would have an oil o'ring problem on the inside of your distributor, between the distributor shaft and the distributor housing. You can clean the inside of the distributor with a choke/carb cleaning solvent, and you can disassemble the distributor to replace that o-ring.

Given you have times when the engine runs well (which I am assuming from your original post), then I don't think you would have a wiring issue between the distributor and the ECM.

You could have an ECM issue - as ECM failures were common back in the early 1990's Toyotoa ECM's due to circuit board capacitor failures. You can replace all the capacitors, or you can send your ECM out to have all the capacitors replaced. Or you can try finding an ECM from a salvage car and hope that it is a good ECM.

Can't help you much more if you don't respond back to questions to get a better understanding of the car/symptoms though.


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Hey thanks for the answer this was very good information really thanks
my celica is from 1990 so could be the ECM thing but I will start by looking in the distributor as you said.
Update I drove home to day same distance and I drove harder faster and the weather was warmer and it gave me no codes so yeah kind of annoying
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