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The old starting issue

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So I've been dealing with the dreaded problem of my celica deciding to not start whenever it doesn't want to. Idk if anyone else has tried the little ignition short circuit trick where you put a paperclip, or anything else metal for that matter, into the diagnostic port. That was working for me for a while but now that won't even work. Does anyone know the true underlying issue of this situation? I have a strong feeling its a grounding issue somewhere because it'll drain a battery if i leave it hooked up for more than a week without driving.
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Yep, have done it many times on many cars including my Celica.

The starter:
  • is grounded through the transmission, thru the ground strap from transmission to left fender, thru ground strap from fender top to battery.
  • primary wire from battery to starter
  • control wire thru ignition, security, nss device, relay, etc to the solenoid on the starter.

Use a 6,8 gauge wire to jump the primary wire to the control wire to crank the engine. Be sure car is in neutral, parked. If key is turned on, the car will start and idle.

If the car does not crank, (starter not spin), then a ground strap, or primary wire is bad. You need to check for voltage at primary wire.

If it does crank, but you can't with the key, then you have to chase the control wire voltage thru the various points listed.

Btw - I'm in DFW area, you?

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