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<font color='#000000'>3S-GTE....Toyota engine....used in all Celica GT-FOURs, although with differences from year to year (or month to month for 1986-1988 models).

AFM....Air Flow Meter....A mechanical device which measures air flow into the engine. Flapper valve with poteniameter located post air filter used to meter the amount of combustion air. Used on ST165 & ST185.

ATA....Air To Air Air to Air intercooler - hot charge air from the turbo is cooled by ambient air flowing over the intercooler radiator. On the ST185 GT-Four, the intercooler is mounted on top of the engine and fed by a hood scoop. See also FMIC and WTA.

Bar....Barometric pressure....Measurement of pressure, usually referring to turbo boost (see also PSI). 1 bar = 14.50 PSI.

BOV....Blow Off Valve....Side street valve located between turbo and intercooler used to relieve system pressure during sudden closed throttle manouvers (shifting). Greatly improves turbo life as it helps to stop the turbo shaft from stalling or breaking due to sudden interruption of exhaust gas flow. Can be vented to atmosphere (making noise/music) or pre-turbo (minimizing noise - maintaining metered air). Stock only on ST205.

Box....Gearbox....Bunch of cogs thrashing away to turn the wheels...

Cam....Camshaft....Drives the pistons

Cartridge....Valves inserted in suspension strut to regulate dampening and rebound.

CS....Carlos Sainz....Famous Spanish Rally driver; used to describe homogolated ST185CS/RC model, the basis of which formed the championship winning car that Sainz drove in 1993.

CV....Joint Constant Velocity Joint  

Down Pipe....The downpipe from the turbo which connects to the horizontal portion of the exhaust system. The standard pipe carries a restrictive catalytic converter.

Dump Pipe....See Down Pipe.

Dump Valve....See BOV.

Duration....Something to do with cams...

ECM....Engine Control Module See ECU.

ECU....Engine Control Unit....Controls most activities of engine life. Located below and behind ash tray. Not swappable with MR-2 SW20.

EEC....Electronic Engine Controller See ECU.

EMS....Engine Management System....Examples Autronic, MoTeC, GEMS. See ECU.

EVC....Electronic Valve Controller....Cabin mounted boost controller used to regulate turbo wastegate action; allowing higher, known boost, to be run. Often have 2 programmable settings.

FCD....Fuel Cut Defenser....An electronic gadget which fools the ECU into activating fuel cut later than normal.

FMIC....Front Mount Intercooler....Intercooler located at front of vehicle to take advantage of cooling at speed. Usually air-to-air heat exchanger rather than water-to-air. See Intercooler, WTA.

FPR....Fuel Pressure Regulator  

G-Force....Company which provides ECU upgrades to your specifications; fuel maps, rpm limit, boost limit, etc. Done with piggy-back chip requiring ECU to be sent to them.

Insert....See Cartridge.

Intercooler....Heat exchanger system used to cool compressed air from the turbo.

ISC....Idle Speed Control....Adjust the engine idling speed.

JDM....Japanese Domestic Model....Term applied to cars built for the Japanese home market, as opposed to those destined for export. Often subtle differences in specification between JDM and export models.

Lift....Something else to do with cams...

LSD....Limited Slip Differential....Allows driven wheels to rotate at different rates, useful for cornering :) The GT4 uses the mechanical torsen diff.

MAF....Mass Air Flow....Sensor to monitor air flow, controls ECU maps.

MAP....Sensor combination used to meter incoming combustion air on ST205 models.

MBC....Mechanical Boost Controller See MVC.

Mill....Another name for the engine.

MVC....Mechanical Valve Controller....A "gas valve" used to bleed wastegate activation pressure in an effort to increase boost.

NA....Normally Aspirated....Engine employing no forced induction system. Not a GT-Four, then.

Offset....The amount (in mm) a wheel's hub mating surface is offset from the wheel centerline (zero offset would put the hub in the center of the wheel).

PCV....Positive Crankcase Ventilation  

PIM....Pressure at Intake Manifold....Accurate measurements can be made by utilizing spare hose fitting on rear of intake manifold.

POV....Pop Off Valve See BOV.

Pressurized System....Water coolant system operating at 0.9bar (13psi).

PSI....Pounds per Square Inch....Measurement of pressure, usually referring to turbo boost (see also Bar). 1 PSI = 0.0689 bar.

RC....Rally Champ....Used in some markets to designate the Carlos Sainz ST185 model. Perhaps they don't know who Carlos is...!?! See also CS.

TPS....Throtle Position Sensor....Measures throttle application.

Tranny....Gearbox See box.

TTE....Toyota Team Europe....Branch of Toyota involved in motorsport, managed by Ove Andersson, historically involved in rally, more recently Le Mans and nowdays F1. TTE once admitted that their F1 car might not be so great, but it would handle real well in the gravel traps

Turbo....Makes your car go faster ;-) You need as many of these as possible, or one great big one

More to come....</font>

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<font color='#000000'>TVIS....Toyota Variable Intake System....Series of vaccuum actuated butterfly valves located after the upper intake runners. They close 1 of the 2 runners going to each cylinder at low rpm to promote torque. Not present on ST205; removable on ST165 & ST185 with minimal low RPM loss and high rpm gain.

VPC....Vein Pressure Converter....HKS product, used to maintain a consistent boost pressure regardless of atmospheric pressure.

VSV....Vacuum Switching Valve....Used to control things affected by vacuum.

WTA....Water To Air....System utilising water to air heat exchange for intercooling. A pump carries heated air from the engine to radiator usually at front of car. Efficient but heavy.

I will be posting some good 3s-gte swap sites and also some good parts sites</font>
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