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someone make me a new..

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im bored with my sig and its old and ######, and it doesnt even look like my car. i dont have photoshop and no one was willing to send it to me by mail; so any one of u talented lovely men, or amy, can make me a sweet ass sig, that'd be t- y -t! i like blue black and white but if u got good ideas, don't be affraid to try it. heres some pics of my car, thanks guys and or amy. (only other girl i know of on here that talks to me lol)

and heres a lovely picture of me u can play with lol

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this is just a basic idea, use it if you like, or give me more suggestions and i'll implement them.

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QUOTE (SeyboldGT @ Nov 20 2007, 08:11 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=159784
thats pretty cool. id rather have my car in it. but anything u guys can come up with. do it. i want all the ideas u can muster up! i wanna see art! amazing art! where u guys at with all the talent! i wanna see it!
thanks pplz[/B]
wow - you got yourself a nice one seybold! slick +1 ftw
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