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So my celica has a bo spark no start issue,
I have replaced ignition coil and complete distributor components so far with no luck.

I bought it as is being told its distributor issue and hence I replaced that straight away with a new part.

now the key I was given with the car is not genuine and the only key and supposedly it turned on just fine with that key and not starting at all one day.

I wanna know if these car had a immobiliser programmed in the engine ecu ? With the transponder getting signal from the ignition barrel ?
Or is it the Center locking system patched into the ignition system engine harness?(black box on top of ecu behind radio on the floor)

Also has anyone completely bypassed the security system on these ? if so how ?
Please help people I need a this for a daily as my daily car is stolen and bought this as a project.
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