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<font color='#000000'>I have a 1990 celica with a 5sfe 130 hp non turbo 2.2 needs new engine due to a bad "rods"??.  It has been recommended to replace it with a 3sfe "LATE" 130 hp non turbo 2.0 by a company  "Motorworks Premium Used Engine and Transmission Warehouse" of NY. A Premium Used Japanese Import which comes direct from Japan. ( 6 months, unlimited mileage ) The guy said the 5sfe is a known problem engine and it would be easy to convert to the 3sfe "late" since they are the same engine block and basically the same except for where they bolt in the frame.  I know the timming belt can't convert over from the 5sfe and possibly the flywheel, does anyone else have any information on this type of conversion????? :suspect:</font>
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