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After having a multitude of electrical problems on my 2000 GT-S, I was told by both the dealership and another mechanic that my body ECU was bad and needed to be replaced. I was also told that the problems were likely caused by an aftermarket alarm that the previous owner had installed and then improperly removed. I had the dealership remove what was left of the alarm system to try and stop any future problems. I swapped the body ECU out last night, but I still have issues.

My gas gauge has read empty since the problems started, but when I started the car after replacing the body ECU it showed a reading of about a quarter tank. I went straight to the gas station and after I filled up the gauge didn't move. I drove it around for a bit to see if the problem would sort itself out, but one by one the bars on the gauge disappeared over the course of about 10 minutes. The gauge has read empty since. I had the sensors checked when the problems started, but that was about a year ago so I guess one of them could have gone bad since then.

The other problem is my dome light still won't come on. I've checked the fuse and it isn't blown. I also replaced the bulb.

All of my other electrical problems were fixed by the new body ECU. I just can't figure out those last two problems. Has anybody had anything similar happen?
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