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Celica GTS 2002 Auto 1.8 I4 with 335K miles. Engine sometimes sometimes bogs down briefly and hesitates to accelerate on cold start. It accelerates fine after that. I figured fuel injectors must be old and clogged up. After replacement, hesitation problem was solved. Engine runs smoother, hopefully with better mileage.

Ordered 4 reman fuel injector by Autoline in Canada from Rock Auto, $25.79 each with $10 for core deposit:

I could not trust the new but cheap injectors sold on line, but you could try new Ultra-Power injectors for $22.79. They are supposed to be repackaged OEM parts, with 12-month warranty:

Note: Genuine Assun or Denso injectors have alphanumeric test lot code under part number. Lots of alleged reman Denso and Assun injectors are counterfeits, sold in eBay and Amazon without these details.

The procedure is fairly simple and straightforward. I follow Toyota
Celica repair manual volume 2 pp 161-168, but deleted a few unnecessary steps to lower chances something may break:

Remove cylinder head cover 4 x 10 mm hex allens.
Disconnect 4 injector connectors
Remove bolts 2x12mm + 10 mm bracket.
Pull out delivery pipe with 4 injectors and fuel pipe
Pull out 4 fuel injectors from delivery pipe
Apply light oil or gas on O ring and delivery pipe holes for O rings
Turn inject CW& CCW push 4 into deliv pipe, conn outward.
Apply gasoline on injector grommets injector holes on cylinder head.
Place deliv pipe and fuel pipe with 4 injectors into cylin head.
Temp install 3 bolts holding deliv pipe and fuel hose
Check injectors, should rotate freely, with connectors outward.
Tighten 2x12 mm delivery pipe bolts torque 21 Ft-Lbs
Tighten 10 mm bracket bolt fuel pipe to cyl head torque 7 Ft-Lbs
Insert connectors on injectors
Start engine check injectors for leaks
Install cylinder head cover 4x 10 mm allen bolts

After revving engine a while, I shone a bright light into the injectors seats. They all looked dry so assembly was good, no leaks.

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This fuel injector AUTOLINE 162036 is not the correct one for 2ZZ engine. It did not rev up the engine quick and high as I stepped on the gas pedal and gave the car a pep acceleration. It likely does not inject up to 320 mL per minute as it claims.

I took the old injectors out, clamp 12V on the terminals, could hear the click that the nozzle opens up. Sprayed injector cleaner into the barrel and blew compressed air through it. The spray was wide, fine and even, looked good like new. The injector got hot as it was powered. Reinstalled, the car again had that boost of power again.

I am disappointed in Autoline and Rock Auto. Will return the parts.
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