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<font color='#000000'>Hey everyone!

Im new to this site and its forums but i have been watching for awhile... im at the point where i need a project car to work on and ive decided to use the early 90's celicas as the project.  Ideally, i would want to use a 6th gen but what i need to know is what type of engine, and should i build up the engine as a forced induction style or should i just build it n/a ...

Although the 6th gen is ideal, i would settle for the 5th gen as well...

Any suggestions and comments would be great. Thanks !</font>

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<font color='#000000'>the 6th gen is the mid to late 90s.  as far as forced induction goes, it's probably a better idea to do a swap instead of adding boost to the stock engine.

what you're looking at is buying a non-working car and then lifting the engine and putting the 3sgte in, swapping out the exhaust and transmission in the process.  i don't know of anybody on these forums that have done the 3sgte swap for the 6th gens, but if you opt for the 5th gen jhull has experience in this area, he can help you out.</font>
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