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photoshop question

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ok, when i got my car painted, the guy painted the plastic weather shield that is under the engine and radiator. It was originally black and i think it looks better in black. Im wondering if photoshop can do shadowing effects and make it black. here is what i could do in MS paint, all one color:

as you can see, it doesnt look very real. I was wondering if somone could do that in photoshop and make it look better. Is it possible? here is the original pic, but if you want to do this for me, it would be best if i emailed you the original pic b/c photobucket shinks it. I want to paint black but i dont know if its worth it so i want to get an idea from the computer..

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there ya go man, it kinda looks ######, thats cause im tired as my eyes are all blurry, if its not good enough, just tell me, and ill go over it again..
hey dan, do you even have photoshop?
man, if i had a way to just send you a copy of mine, i would, its a big help to have it for any photo editing...
man...putfile really craps em out

but nice work, thanks
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