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Photoshop Challenge Thread

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This thread is dedicated to photoshop challenges. One will be issued everyweek.*

* You may present a challenge photo, but link it. Try to save bandwidth.

For the first challenge, I have an interesting setup.

Redesign the interior of this Toyota Corolla!

Ideas for better chopping-

- Change the steering wheel.

- Tired of the black on black colour?

- Anything may be changed, go crazy.

- You know that speedometer can go well over 120MPH. (Hint, Hint!)
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1 - 20 of 29 Posts hint of exterior color or anything. Nice. We CAN go nuts with this. My evening is officially booked...
Originally posted by MasterRex@Mar 12 2006, 04:09 PM
Ideas for better chopping-

- Anything may be changed, go crazy.
thats idea of photochopping

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I just started playing around with it, this was about a 10min chop.
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night scene
radio edited
added mini movie display
gauges changed
cigarette lighter shaved
glove box handle shaved

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wow. i really need to buy a new mouse, using photoshop with a touch pad sucks. By the way. Jaz, that looks sweet.
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That looks awesome Jani

Okay, this is my very first submission EVER to a photoshop challenge. I don't use it too much (I have a trackpad too Wick), usually just for some minor editing. I have never tried to do anything of this scale yet. Jani's tutorials helped a lot though. I tried to do a few things differently, but I had lighting issues I didn't know how to fix.
Be gentle...

Forest background
dyed interior (yeah, I know it's a little much)
Corolla SRX guages
aluminum pedals
radio, center console and odometer lights
incorporated Mac/ipod into stock radio screen
Hula girl

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I'm really likin' that Meryem! Looks good - I love the orange. And it's MOST impressive that this is one of your first chops... Looks great.
Thank you Cassidy!

I don't know why photobucket shrunk it down though, it's saved as 800x600 and I have pics bigger than that on there, but it decided to do it to this one. Any ideas?
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sheesh Meryem...

that A W E S O M E ! !
so much details... and patience
i hope to see your work in later challenges too
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that looks great... wow Great Job
You damn MAC users can sure put on a clinic in photoshop! Nice work Jani and Meryem

And nice job fitting that deck in there Master!
I'm diggin' the hula girl.
^^ Hehehe, I added that for a touch of flair.

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you liked it. I wasn't going to put it up at first, I know Jani and Doug and several other people are way better at this than me, but it's okay for a first try I guess, and this is just for fun. I can at least copy/paste my way around!!!

I still can't figure out why photobucket decided to resize this one, it's not too large according to their size restrictions...
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Meryem... you made me look horrible, so I took a lil' more time in this one.

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Still not Meryem quality tho.
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Well, mine's not Jani quailty

You did good Rex, I like the green guages.
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i dont see mine any special...
just edited it little while i was sick and wanted to post something atleast.

and you dont has to compare yours to mine either. i am glad to see we got some new peoples here to take part on chopping stuff.

see you on next picture
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Who wants to make the next challenge? I wanna get challenged now; rather than get owned at my own challenge...
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