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Photoshop Challenge Thread #5

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Okay, new challenge.
This time i chose sideshot of my toy, mitsubishi jeep.
should be fairly easy to chop

Picture is here...
Photo for chop

Dont forget to post final imaged in reduced size, lets say width max 800px.

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haha! lol When you said toy I thought it was your play vehicle... you really meant toy! I'll work on it when I get some time too.
First Attempt at this one.

Notice the benz rims, brembo brakes, drop kit, color change, tints everywhere and the tread on the crappy tire out back.
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PM me for it... I might know how to hook you up.
Broken link Doug. And it's hosted on your site? I'm dissapointed
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Ah... I see. Oh well.. he'll probably have it up and running again soon.
Kool beans. Purple really is your color Doug
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Lol... nice one Jani.
Jani... make a new thread. CHALLENGE TIME!!!
1 - 9 of 21 Posts
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