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Photoshop challenge thread #4

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Hello again,
This time we got 2 targets where you can choose from, or if you want, you can chop both.

Post finished pictures max 800px wide

Photo 1, IBM laptop. (Right click, save-as)

Photo 2, Racing pickup. (Right click, save-as)

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Okay, here is mine.

mods are
Tailgate.. dropped that wing off
Bumper end stretched
Roof chopped down
Stickers removed
Front rim changed

blaa blaa, here is the pic

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Oh yes, forgot to meantion that...

Nice that you noticed though !
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i was just thinking to make that text as "really bad/year"
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I am running 1.42GHz G4 Mac Mini with 512mb of memory (needs 1024mb upgrade soon)
G4 is original Apple computer, thats why i wanted G4 even i knew Intel was coming.

So far no problems, i will get intel based someday but i let it evolve for while.
Yeah, will make new thread in few minutes !

Located in here..
Challenge #5
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