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I actually have a few issues I would love some assistance with.

First and foremost, I recently got into a car accident and obviously my air bags blew. I have removed the driver airbag but the passenger is puttin up a good fight. I have removed the entire glove box to where I can easily access the under side of the airbag and the airbag enclosure. There were four screws (two on each side labeled with an L and R) that had flat tops. I unbolted the bolts on the under side and the brackets (labeled L and R) should of been easily removable but nothing is budging.

Are there any bolts I'm missing or some trick? Could someone help me out, please?

Secondly, previous to the accident I replaced my 7A-Fe with a newer 7a-fe. Using the Chilton's manual and the assistance of some mechanics, I properly installed the engine. Took it to a shop where they adjusted the cams and all that for timing. There is still an issue though.
I burn through gas like nothing. Four cylinders and I run through a tank in a day. I do not drive aggressively nor do I drive a distance. I also believe I burn through oil. After replacing my oil, two days later it was pitch black again. And this results in some very nasty exhaust which has left a lovely black paint job on my whole rear bumper.

Any clue on that one? I have been told so many things I don't know what to think. A piston ring for one, and I'm really hoping not. I can't afford a rebuild nor the time to do it. Please tell me it's something minor, if not, don't sugar coat it. I really would like to know so I can cure it.

Thanks much everyone. I really do appreciate it!
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