Hello everyone,
I have alot of different parts for celica 00-05 and more! Message me for prices and shipping info.
Many of you may have heard of me already but my name is Michael and I run Norcal Celica Shop (Est. 2021) otherwise known as Norcalcelishop. It is an online store, I sell on ebay, facebook marketplace and I have an instagram parts page: Norcalcelishop where I post all my parts first and you can see everything i have available now. I can also find other parts at times and I also sell parts for matrix corolla vibe scion and more!
Right now is a great time to follow my instagram parts page since on Friday December 9th 1pm pacific time, I am dropping some rare parts!
Located in San Jose California but I ship almost anywhere and do so daily.
Any questions message me on the pages mentioned or you can also email me at [email protected]
ebay link:
| eBay

I included some pictures of the parts posted, but I have many more if interested in anything you see.
thank you! :)

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