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This was almost removed for being spam (and the west coast comment), but I'll let it slide...In the future, please do not post links like this, especially to boards that require you to log in before viewing posts. Please find the contents of his original post, on the other site, below.

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For those of you who don't want to register on that other message board just to view Blue Bomber's message, here it is cut & pasted from his original message:


Hey guyz(& girls??).... Blue Bomber, Ghostface, myself and others are going to finally get this club financial obligations, no waivers to be signed
. Only thing you need is your ride....
Frequent meets, no obligations to "show up for every meeting".

Just want to get together, hang out, meet new celica's(and their owners), and cruise.... talk cars, share info/insight and knowledge about mods,etc.

Gonna be killer........let's show those west coast jigga's we can do our own thing.....(i'm gonna get beat up for that remark, i know it)

anybody interested? I HATE pm's so reply to this, or hit me on email>>>

during day(work hours)- [email protected]

home- [email protected]

BTW- looking to meet in mid jersey(exceptions possibly from time to time) but anybody in tri state area MORE THAN WELCOME!!!!!
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