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Hello, first post here so let me know if I've missed any of the etiquette used here!

I recently picked up a 2001 Gen 7 vvti as a little project for myself from a friend who had neglected it for the last few years. Its been off the road for about 8 years and was left decat, which is where my questions come in...

I'm based over in the UK and I'm looking to get a cat refitted so that I can get it MOTed in the next couple of months but I'm struggling to figure out what cat I'm needing to buy. I have seen some conflicting results on the internet and reached out to a seller on Ebay who had what I thought was the correct one but when I asked about compatibility the seller said my car wasn't compatible and that he didnt have any parts that were.

I was wondering if anyone could help point me to what sort of catalytic converter I need to buy and if you had any suggestions where to buy them from (if you're allowed to do that of course!).

Still a newbie to all this so sorry in advance if I left any important details out, thanks.
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