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<font color='#000000'>I have just come into possesion of a cherry 96 25th anniversery ST. Nice car in great shape and low miles (27K), but unimpressed with the performance - definately looks faster than it is, but a nice piece of transportation.

The question is are there any hidden areas to watch for with this car, and paticular maintenace items to watch?

Also are there any easy mods to squeeze a few more ponies out of this engine? Given how few it has, even a few would be noticed.</font>

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<font color='#000000'>u can put an intake and exhaust on it   to give u a little more sound and hoipefully some far as that  depends if its a stick or auto   and if it is a ST  that has the same motor as the 97 corolla  motor code is 7afe  u can do a head swap on it but i dont know how....i know there is a place that has a header i think for that motor............uhhh not sure what else  should have gotten a GT      but i got the hook upss on rims body kits, adjustable suspensions and well as body modifications and paint work  hit me up

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