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This is my setup after months of research into setups I finally decided on and put on today & thought I'd share and grab some thoughts.

There were a few things that I did not really want - spacers, don't trust em & reps, don't like em :^)

Wheels & Tyres

I decided on the cheap, lightweight wheels that we could get in Australia, quickly & were genuine. RPF1's.
I ultimately decided on the Enkei RPF1 17" x 9" +35 setup. These were more uncommon than the 15" but I love bigger wheels.

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Tread Hubcap

To go with a 2" increase, I had to find some tyres that weren't going to ruin my speedometer. I had 2 options, stretch & potentially de-bead on a touge or track but look like a stance boi or grab something a bit meatier, safer but may throw my speedo off a bit more. Ultimately I decided on the latter.

I went with ADVAN NEOVA 235/40/17R 90W Tyres. This gave a slight stretch but only with a 2-4KM/HR offset... which is, fine? haha!

Make em fit!

I needed to grab a few things to make these bad boys fit;

I ended up deciding on;
  • 20x GKTECK Open Ended Silver Lug Nuts (12x1.5mm | 55mm long | 60º Taper), these stick out a bit but look tasteful.
  • 2x 74.1/54.1 SAAS Spigot/hub rings. - Yes these fit, yes they're .1mm out. These were plastic so it was minimal and fit right on with barely any play.
Font Auto part Tints and shades Circle Wood

I'm on stock suspension & stock height and it's looking pretty decent, has a TINY bit of poke and when lowered will look pretty flush. I'm not hitting the lining at this stage either & they're so much cleaner than before. I am also waiting on some wheel caps to hide the stubs :)

Price & Pictures

Overall, this setup cost me just over $3100 AUD, roughly $2,250 USD.

Hope this helps some people in the future decide offset, tyre size, wheel type and a visual look as it took me a long time to decide and there was no straightforward guide.

Tire Wheel Car Automotive tire Vehicle
Vehicle Land vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Wheel Car

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Fluid

$1850 - Wheels
$1075 - Tyres
$71 - Lug nuts
$43 - Hub Rings
$85 - Wheel caps
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