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Okay, here's the thing: 2 minutes into running ... misfire. When I say 2 minutes, I mean, it could be 1.5, sometimes 4-5. And it is though someone flipped a switch and told my engine to run horribly. It's cartoonish it is so bad. After 3000 RPM: hauls butt again. New plugs, wires, cap, rotor, coil, ignitor. It all started when I had code 22 ECT sensor. Replaced the ECT: weeeeee! Later, I put in EBC solenoid as the car had a Greddy ProFec B Spec II. Instant HP/TQ gains. The, a week or so into it: misfire. Pulled solenoid so as to rule out that. Still misfires. Checked all resistances and voltages of all sensors. Within spec. Cleaned injectors. Still misfires. Checked fuel pressure while driving, parked, idle, revving, etc. I think it is okay according to BGB. Today I am going out to finalize my new O2 sensor (since the timing of the misfire has an "open loop mode" initiation ring to it as far as smarter people than myself said to me.

Oh yes, and it has no injector resistors, or pump resistor. One of those it is missing. I think it is the fuel pump one, because there was a relay with it.

Man, if anyone has the silver bullet for this, I am all ears ... or whatever it takes.

Thanks in advance.

1996 Celica ST, 1995 ST205 CLIP. 3RD GEN JDM 3SGTE/ECU
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