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<font color='#000000'>i did my 0-60 because i dont have the money to go to the track, and i dont feel like being humiliated by the cars that run there  
... and as well i only have a cold air filter, soon to be a cold air intake.. my first 0 - 60 was 11.75, and my second was only 24 hours later.. which was 10.96.. so i am hoping this new FULL cold air intake will boost my time up for me, any other help with horse power and time drops you can help with let me know.. thanx  

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Hey, they sell headers online on ebay for 94-99 celica ST's, another thing that wouldnt hurt is getting a full ehxaust, like 2 1/4" catback with a performance muffler and a performance cat, should boost you like 15 with all those mods. Maybe giving it a cam, an aftermarket fuel rail, pump ect....just search around on the products on the net, it's very helpful. I have an automatic 97 celica, but I have a full exhaust, headers, cold air intake, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, not too mention all the exterior/wheels/break work ect...but it goes pretty quick for an auto with all that done. Off the subject, dont hate me all, but I also own a ford now, a 66 mustang coupe, 275 raw horse power behind that bitch

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