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More MS-Chop!

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Celica w/ RX8 Rims:

RX8 lowered on Celica Rims:

Did this because I can find a killer deal on 19" Falken Torque 5 rims... Same style as my RTX rims... But think i'll likely go with a new style in 18"...
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I'm taking a PS class right now. It's a lot different than I thought it would be. But I guess most of the pictures I see "photoshopped" are car pics. Most of my projects have to do with cars haha. It's definately a fun program. I don't know how you use that MS crap either def go with the CS4
Yeah thats crappy. I have a decently quick computer right now, but its almost a 3 year old laptop. I have a 30 day trial for the CS4 but I don't wanna put it on my computer because it will slow it down a lot more. CS4 is pretty crazy and well worth getting it copied if you can :whistle:
Thats pretty good man. Let me know where that site is. I had a buddy going to give me a copy of cs4 but her bitched out on me. I've been getting the itch to play around..
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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