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Noe that I have my hands thoroughly into this timing chain cover replacement ordeal, I'm curious about getting a bit more bang.
I have the 22 r e c motor w/ a auto trans behind it. It gets up and goes really well, But, has anyone gotten naughty with this particulr config?</font>

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<font color='#000000'>I will cut & paste my reply from another thread, (too lazy to type it out again). Hope it helps.
There are heaps of people modding xA6x celicas - especially in the US. Go to and sign up to the email list - it's the best source of rwd celica info there is, period.
Someone there should be able to tell you the best place to get a thorley; lot's of them have them. In the meanwhile, go here for the recommended parts list,
Also try - very good site. Steve has an '83 GTS and has heaps of mod guides, lots of tech info and forums etc too for these cars

You can do a lot to mod your car, I really recommend signing up to the OCC list. There is a turbo 22RE (22rTe) found in some trucks in the US, but there are issues with the manifolds etc fouling the steering rack. (It does drop easilly into the previous gen celica though, I believe.)
Turboing a 22RE can be done if you have the $$$ - Gary on the list has a 300HP turboed 22RE autocross beast.

Hope this helps
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