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Merchandise designs

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<font color='#000000'>Okay's time for you to show us what you'd like to see on official merchandise!
So, if you think you've got what it takes, submit your designs for t-shirts, sweatshirts, mousepads, hats, clocks, mugs, etc...
I'll post more specifics later...until then, start thinking about what you'd like to see on a shirt, or any of the other products. We can't guarantee that your design will be used, but you can submit as many as you'd like.
Only requirements are the dimensions & resolution (posted later) and that it must be in .PSD (photoshop) format. You will need to save a copy in .gif or .jpg to post on the message board. I will then contact you for the .PSD if we decide to use your design... If you can't post it on the Message Board, you can just email the .PSD to me at [email protected]

To make it easy on everyone, let's try using one size/resolution & I can then resize the images to each product. So, please create your .PSD's at 10"x10" & 300dpi
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<font color='#000000'>Nothing with a riced-out Celica on it. PLEASE!</font>
<font color='#990000'>Working on some now

Not doing it 10X10 and didn't know how to change if that's a problem.. :\</font>
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