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<font color='#000000'>I found this company who has some really really really nice body kits for my 7th generation celica, and I'm having a hard time deciding if they are good quality or not.  I'm pretty new to this car modification stuff and have a slight clue on what i need to look for in the material used for one.  If you guys can help tell me what type of material you think i should use, and tell me if is a legit company to buy from,it would be appreciated.


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<font color='#000000'>Reinforced fiberglass is good and so is Urethene.  Be careful because a lot of knockoffs use fiberglass but it is pretty thin and cracks easily.  Kaminari and Veilside make kits that fit nearly perfectly and are well made, anything else you may leave to chance.  Let me know if you are looking at a particular one and I can provide you more info about the manufacturer.</font>
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