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Intermitent starting problem

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Just picked up a 2003 Celica GT-S, manual. I find it does not start all the way, unless the clutch is pushed in all the way (and then some). Even then it does not start, on the first few tries. The clutch works fine for shifting and was replaced at 145,000 kms (now has 170,000kms on car). Wondering if there is an adjustment that needs to be made? Or any other tips?

Thank you for your thoughts.
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Does it make any noise when you start?

With all those years in snow and salt, the contacts may be corroded or loose. You may want to spray some cleaner on the contacts and clean them out with a wire brush.

It's also possible the starter is old, worn out and starts failing intermittently. You can buy OEM electrical parts direct from DENSOAUTOPARTSCOM or Rock Auto, prices are very reasonable, or buy an used but original OEM starter in eBay. DENSO also sells reman parts cheap.

I would avoid electrical parts on line or from auto stores. They don't last long.
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