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<font color='#000000'>Ive pretty much decided on a Celica as my project car. Im completely interested in modding the hell out of it, now by modding i mean engine work... not adding neon lights and a tin foil spoiler.

Now im asking you guys because you have more exprince with Celicas than I. Keep in mind money is an issue im a young gun, but I save my money up and have a decently paying job for my age. Im going to buy a 2003-2004 Celica and was wondering...

What can i expect performance wise?

Is super charging or a turbo realistic or is there a reason I cant?

As for the car which model should i buy, and why if you feel i need to know.

Im not intrested in nitro till im pretty far into this project car, but when i get to that point how much hell will it put my engine through?

This car will spend 80% of its life in the garage, which means i can have it in a state of limbo for modds (I own a truck).

Yes im dead set on a brand new car, if someone screws it up i want it to be me.

I understand that im going to chatch flak for asnking the newb questions but ive got to start somewhere. Im very compulsive when it comes to projects, and very much a nerd. I research constantly untill im where i want to be. Dont take this post as a "go fetch" im just looking for a place to start.


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<font color='#8D38C9'>Hi and welcome
 You def have good taste if you are looking at a celica as a project car.

Performance wise you can probably expect 300 hp from a stock engine with a turbo.

They do sell turbos and s/c's for the celicas.

If you plan on getting a turbo, I've heard that the gt is better for that because of the lower compression on the pistons, but the gts you get an extra gear... plus you can get internal upgrades for the gts anyways.  There also isn't going to be much of a hp difference you can get between the gt and gts.  Just the extra gear and the disc brakes instead of drums, little things like that... plus the gts has 40 hp more stock when you hit lift...

Nitrous is fine, as long as you get a wet kit... dry kits are hell on the celi engine.

Also, for REAL power, if you have the money and the means, you can swap a 3sgte engine in there,  it will cost a bit ($7k-$10k) and take some time and work, it's an engine from a 5th gen all trac turbo celi and those are 200 hp stock, I saw a 7th gen celi with that and all the internals and upgrades and he dynoed at like 500 hp!  Just an idea

Good luck and feel free to ask anymore questions, we're here to help
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