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<font color='#000000'>here is a taste of what meryem talks about in her spare time

redswan_celicagt: nbaby
redswan_celicagt: happy new year
redswan_celicagt: how are you
miss_lust_a_lot: hi!  Happy new year to you too!
miss_lust_a_lot: doing good, how are you?
redswan_celicagt: man i just got ripped again\
miss_lust_a_lot: you did???
redswan_celicagt: that turbo i bought
miss_lust_a_lot: yeah?
redswan_celicagt: i emailed the guy
redswan_celicagt: to get tracking
redswan_celicagt: i bought and pd for it on the 15 dec
redswan_celicagt: he said he would remove it from his car and ship it that week
miss_lust_a_lot: yeah?
miss_lust_a_lot: and?
redswan_celicagt: well i got an email back saying that
redswan_celicagt: Hey man,

Sorry I've been a little sick since Xmas.  Anyway when I went to take the turbo off, I found my friend put it on his car.  This is bad and good.  Bad because now we have to take it off of his which takes extra time.  But good because we get to see that the turbo is in fact working still!

It should be off by the weekend.

redswan_celicagt: i bought it from him
redswan_celicagt: and he is letting his buddy borrow it?
redswan_celicagt: after i bought it
redswan_celicagt: am i interpreting this right?
miss_lust_a_lot: no, it seems that his buddy used it without his permission
redswan_celicagt: cause i sent him a nasty email
miss_lust_a_lot: cuz he says he went to take it off his car and founf that his buddy put it on his own car
redswan_celicagt: i told him
redswan_celicagt: that
miss_lust_a_lot: he should refund you some of that money since it's now been used even more
redswan_celicagt: so,

your friend has my turbo i bought 2 weeks ago?

well, could you send it off soon? i paid you promptly, and i know the holiday just happened and stuff is busy, but that is a little irresponcible. my mr2 exploded last week and i really don't need this anymore, and if you are going to let your friend borrow it after you sold it to me, maybe he can keep it and you could refund me my money. i am willing to stick with me deal, because i am a man of my word. but, this needs to be settled. i really don't care what we do, but i hope we can do something.

redswan_celicagt: that was my revised nasty email
miss_lust_a_lot: lol revised for my eyes or revised after you vented and saw what you wrote was too nasty and you changed what you wrote?
redswan_celicagt: i am just upset, this month was like a michael #### fest
redswan_celicagt: after what i originally wrote
miss_lust_a_lot: yeah, you've really been through a lot!
redswan_celicagt: anybody else want any?
redswan_celicagt: I"M WAITING
miss_lust_a_lot: lol
miss_lust_a_lot: its the new year
miss_lust_a_lot: new start
miss_lust_a_lot: all over
miss_lust_a_lot: new month
redswan_celicagt: ya maybe i can leave it in last year
miss_lust_a_lot: hopefully that's the end of it
redswan_celicagt: ya hopefully
redswan_celicagt: so was the email ok?
miss_lust_a_lot: maybe I'll get a piece...
redswan_celicagt: lol
redswan_celicagt: come get some
miss_lust_a_lot: yeah the email was fine
redswan_celicagt: that is what i wound up selling him
redswan_celicagt: sending
miss_lust_a_lot: sure, wait til march, keep it on hold for me
redswan_celicagt: sending him
redswan_celicagt: lol
redswan_celicagt: sure
miss_lust_a_lot: awesome
redswan_celicagt: ?
miss_lust_a_lot: awesome for keeping it on hold for me
redswan_celicagt: lol
redswan_celicagt: u might have to fight sheri for it
miss_lust_a_lot: lol I can take her
redswan_celicagt: lol
miss_lust_a_lot: I think...
redswan_celicagt: no comment
miss_lust_a_lot: lol why not?
redswan_celicagt: shhhh
miss_lust_a_lot: why?
redswan_celicagt: cause anything i say CAN and WILL be used abainst me
miss_lust_a_lot: lol is she watching you?
miss_lust_a_lot: does she have spyware?
redswan_celicagt: no but she reads my conversations sometimes
redswan_celicagt: ever since she wondered who miss lust alot was
miss_lust_a_lot: ahh I see
miss_lust_a_lot: LMAO! I got her suspicious did I?
redswan_celicagt: no
redswan_celicagt: but i think she does read sometimes
redswan_celicagt: nothing mean or distrustful
redswan_celicagt: just reads them
redswan_celicagt: sometimes guys im her and flirt to her
redswan_celicagt: and some times i am on
miss_lust_a_lot: yeah
redswan_celicagt: i'm like i can't believe you sayid that to my wife bitch
miss_lust_a_lot: LMAO
redswan_celicagt: where are you
redswan_celicagt: ?
miss_lust_a_lot: me?
redswan_celicagt: i mma kick ur ass
miss_lust_a_lot: turkey still
miss_lust_a_lot: LMFAO!!!!
redswan_celicagt: no them
miss_lust_a_lot: I thought you meant me...
miss_lust_a_lot: sorry
redswan_celicagt: you too
miss_lust_a_lot: lol go with yourbig guns and whip their butts
redswan_celicagt: they won't let me keep the guns
redswan_celicagt: i asked
redswan_celicagt: and asked
miss_lust_a_lot: dammit
redswan_celicagt: supply sgt said no
miss_lust_a_lot: that sucks
redswan_celicagt: ya no xmas cookies for him
miss_lust_a_lot: heheheh
miss_lust_a_lot: or give em to him laced with metamucil or something else to give him diarrhea
redswan_celicagt: no
miss_lust_a_lot: arsenic?
redswan_celicagt: then i'll never get supplies
miss_lust_a_lot: ARSENIC!
redswan_celicagt: then i'll never get supplies
miss_lust_a_lot: he'll die and you can take em all
miss_lust_a_lot: oh come on....
redswan_celicagt: no there are other nco's in supply
redswan_celicagt: not just him and besides he is a nice guy
miss_lust_a_lot: hmm
miss_lust_a_lot: okay then
miss_lust_a_lot: maybe he'll let you borrow em?
redswan_celicagt: no i tried that too
miss_lust_a_lot: jeez
redswan_celicagt: i tried to go on a weapons test ton the local population a couple of months ago
redswan_celicagt: we decided that it was a waste of ammo
miss_lust_a_lot: lmao no way!
redswan_celicagt: that soon enuf they would imbred their way out of existence
redswan_celicagt: that honestly happened
miss_lust_a_lot: oh God...
miss_lust_a_lot: like nuclear tests?
redswan_celicagt: not really
redswan_celicagt: just oklahomans
miss_lust_a_lot: lol *JUST* oklahomans
miss_lust_a_lot: they're not important
miss_lust_a_lot: they can inbreed their way out of existence, who cares?
redswan_celicagt: like test the tow systems on neighborhoods
miss_lust_a_lot: but then who will grow our potatoes???
miss_lust_a_lot: oh wait, that's Idaho...
miss_lust_a_lot: really???
redswan_celicagt: i wanted to
redswan_celicagt: i think i pissed one guy off
redswan_celicagt: everyone else thought it was funny
miss_lust_a_lot: lol
miss_lust_a_lot: are you from oklahoma?  or are you just stationed there?
redswan_celicagt: uhhh.....just luck of the draw...
redswan_celicagt: uhhh....
redswan_celicagt: is it too late to hide the truth
miss_lust_a_lot: lol you oklahomian!!!!
miss_lust_a_lot: what is oklahoma famous for?
redswan_celicagt: oil
redswan_celicagt: and imbreeds
redswan_celicagt: fast celicas?
miss_lust_a_lot: lol inbreeding???
miss_lust_a_lot: billy bob, sally jane and mary sue
miss_lust_a_lot: lol your fast celica only
miss_lust_a_lot: yeah I forgot about oil
redswan_celicagt: arkansas is accually famous for the imbreeding
redswan_celicagt: it is accually legal to marry one's cousin
miss_lust_a_lot: really?
miss_lust_a_lot: gross
redswan_celicagt: y do you care?
miss_lust_a_lot: but then again, if you have a hot cousin....
miss_lust_a_lot: why do I care about oklahoma?
redswan_celicagt: and the min age for concent is 14
miss_lust_a_lot: damn 14!
redswan_celicagt: yep u can mary off ur 14 yr old cousin to their 14 yr old cousin
miss_lust_a_lot: eeeeewwwwww
redswan_celicagt: and have pups
redswan_celicagt: i know
redswan_celicagt: ^arkansas lawmakers
miss_lust_a_lot:  <----- what their kids will look like
redswan_celicagt: what i feel like
redswan_celicagt: thats like tounging your sister
redswan_celicagt: frenching your mom
miss_lust_a_lot: yucky!
redswan_celicagt: yucky?
redswan_celicagt: lol
miss_lust_a_lot: or for a gilr, your brother or dad
miss_lust_a_lot: lol yes yucky
redswan_celicagt: no the same
redswan_celicagt: just as bad
miss_lust_a_lot: not the same??
miss_lust_a_lot: yeah
redswan_celicagt: welcome to michael and meryem's chat board
miss_lust_a_lot: lol
redswan_celicagt: the topic of discussion today is imbreeding
miss_lust_a_lot: hey at least it's not incest!
redswan_celicagt: isn't that how imbreeding occurs?
redswan_celicagt: or dare i sam (mental picture)happens
redswan_celicagt: say
redswan_celicagt: incest definition
miss_lust_a_lot: well, would marrying your cousin be condsidered incest?
redswan_celicagt: Definition:   If this dream relates to real-life experiences with incest, then you need to seek professional advice or counseling. Dreaming of incestuous practices means erotic desires. It may also be representative of the union between masculine and feminine aspects of yourself. You are in a phase in your life where you are not quite a child and not quite an adult, and thus this dream may be symbolic of the merging of the child and adult within yourself.
redswan_celicagt: thats what i pulled up wtf?
miss_lust_a_lot: lmfao
redswan_celicagt: "you need to seek professional advice or counseling"
miss_lust_a_lot: lol
redswan_celicagt: "Dreaming of incestuous practices means erotic desires"
redswan_celicagt: an arkansas lawmaker wrote this dictionary
miss_lust_a_lot: lol
redswan_celicagt: duh
miss_lust_a_lot: 1-Sexual relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom.
2-The statutory crime of sexual relations with such a near relative.
miss_lust_a_lot: thats the defintion of incest from
redswan_celicagt: not illegat in
miss_lust_a_lot: Inbreeding:  1-To breed by the continued mating of closely related individuals, especially to preserve desirable traits in a stock.
2-To breed or develop within; engender.
miss_lust_a_lot: so they are two different things
miss_lust_a_lot: plus inbreeding is generally considered to be done with animals or plants
redswan_celicagt: To breed by the continued mating of closely related individuals and Sexual relations between persons who are so closely related
miss_lust_a_lot: is it weird that i'm taking the convo seriously????
redswan_celicagt: sex between related ppl or things
redswan_celicagt: same thing
redswan_celicagt: ew should put this on the message board
miss_lust_a_lot: LMAO we should!</font>

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<font color='#8D38C9'>Yeah but that Oklahomian brought the topic up

redswan_celicagt: ew should put this on the message board
miss_lust_a_lot: LMAO we should!
miss_lust_a_lot: topic title, inbreeding and incest according to Mike and Meryem
miss_lust_a_lot: then copy and paste the whole thing there
redswan_celicagt: i am
miss_lust_a_lot: no way!
redswan_celicagt: WATCH ME
redswan_celicagt: lo
miss_lust_a_lot: lol are you gonna wait til the endo of the convo or do it now?
redswan_celicagt: lol
miss_lust_a_lot: omg my stomach hurts from laughing so much again!
redswan_celicagt: now and finish when we do'
miss_lust_a_lot: oh God,... they're gonna think we're crazy
miss_lust_a_lot: btw later, post on my poll in 7th gen about bodykits
redswan_celicagt: ready check the board
miss_lust_a_lot: I'm on there already posting replies to stuff...
redswan_celicagt: lol
miss_lust_a_lot: is it in off topic?
redswan_celicagt: no racing
redswan_celicagt: i am the boss there
redswan_celicagt: so i won't get in trouble
miss_lust_a_lot: lol but no one will see it there!  only ralph, zcelica, and vtechkiller!
redswan_celicagt: everyone checks racing
miss_lust_a_lot: and me...
redswan_celicagt: and everyone else
redswan_celicagt: lol read it
miss_lust_a_lot: LMFAO I cant believe you posted it!!!!!
miss_lust_a_lot: HEY!!!!  YOu started the convo!  Adn you say this is what I talk about in my spare time...
redswan_celicagt: i know
miss_lust_a_lot: lol too bad the smilies don't show up
redswan_celicagt: i know
miss_lust_a_lot: even as 8 - ) or whatever
miss_lust_a_lot: God you're crazy
redswan_celicagt: i know
miss_lust_a_lot: okay back to the topic...
miss_lust_a_lot: I dont think marrying your cousing is incest
redswan_celicagt: keep talking i'll brb
miss_lust_a_lot: k
miss_lust_a_lot: because they still have fresh blood in them
miss_lust_a_lot: I mean, having se with your sister would be incest because you have the same genetic makeup
miss_lust_a_lot: but your cousins genetic makeup is different since one of their parents is someone outside of the family
redswan_celicagt: hey i/m here but i got to do some chores
miss_lust_a_lot: UNLESS they did incest first
miss_lust_a_lot: oh okay
miss_lust_a_lot: damn just when it was getting interesting
miss_lust_a_lot: are you gonna put the rest of this up on the board?
redswan_celicagt: nah
redswan_celicagt: unless you want too
miss_lust_a_lot: okay I will then
miss_lust_a_lot: you're not the only crazy one
miss_lust_a_lot: ttyl hun!
redswan_celicagt: k ill bb
redswan_celicagt: just some stuff
redswan_celicagt: around the house
miss_lust_a_lot: okay
miss_lust_a_lot: see ya later..</font>

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<font color='#000000'>i thought it was too long to read i read some but i was like ok im bored. heheh.</font>

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lol ticketboy
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