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1990 Celica GT, Liftback, FWD---2000 RAV4 L, AWD
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Hello friends! My name is Joe, i’m 19 years old i’ve recently purchased my first project car, a $500 Celica! Mine is a 1990 Celica GT Liftback, with 295k miles and it runs and drives…pretty good on cheap car standards. The previous owner kept it very stock, other than adding an aftermarket radio and the factory rear wing. The catalytic converter was also stolen off the car at some point in its life, and a smaller one was slapped on, so it smells like gas when it runs.

Seeing as my daily is a 2000 RAV4 with almost the same engine, working on it shouldn’t be much of a stranger to me, but this is my first “project” car. I’ve already changed most of the fluids and fixed some of the electrical issues but i’m certain i have a long way to go (to my knowledge, the engine has never even been rebuilt 😅) and i hope to learn from the masters here on this forum.
right now the current goal is to keep it running as smooth as possible, so any suggestions would be immensely appreciated. thanks!
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