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How do I take the Catalytic Converter off?

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Hey all,

I recently went for the blue slip (safety inspection) to get my SX (GT) on the road and it failed on a couple things, one of them was a leak in the exhaust. I've found the leak, there's a hole in what I'm assuming is the cat (indicated in the below screenshot in red, please do correct me if I'm wrong and it's not the cat). It's located just after the flex pipe at the front to mid section of the car. I'm trying to take it out so I can get it fixed, I've unbolted the screws (indicated in blue), but can't figure out how to get the front of it off. Do I really have to go to the front of the downpipe (green) to get it off??

Any help with this would be super appreciated.

Image also provided via imgur as alternative for longevity.

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Hello. Given you are from Australia, it would be best to know more about your particular Celica. Could you provide your VIN (vehicle identification number) or complete frame number? I can look up the details on your exhaust system with either of these two numbers. Reason is that, here in the USA, an ST184 has the catalytic converter bolted onto the exhaust manifold, and the front exhaust pipe is bolted onto the catalytic converter, so what you have circled in red is a resonator. Your catalytic converter has studs that the flange you have circled in green goes onto (along with that gasket), and nuts that fasten the front exhaust pipe to the catalytic converter studs.

I can send you diagrams with part numbers for your specific exhaust system if you can provide your VIN or frame number.
Thanks for the reply @93celicaconv. I don't really want to share my VIN publicly online. All the Australian ones should be the same right?

And that makes sense if it is the resonator too. Do you know how I am able to remove it?
For GT Australia, it's a resonator.

If you have the original pipe,
  • there are 3 bolts on the part that rises up to the cat mounted on the exhaust manifold.
  • there are 2 bolts where it connects to the mid pipe.
  • the bolts/studs are all rusted so you'll likely strip one so be ready to find new ones.
  • there is a rubber hanger that connects to a hanger on the back of the block.
  • you'll need replacement crush gaskets when putting it back together. Save the old ones and take them to an exhauSt shop to get replacements.
  • you'll likely need to remove the lower cross member to get the pipe out. You'll need a big torq wrench to put it back.

I doubt you'll find an oem replacement. You are probably better off just taking it to an exhaust shop where they'll cut the resonator out and weld in a new one.

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I doubt you'll find an oem replacement. You are probably better off just taking it to an exhaust shop where they'll cut the resonator out and weld in a new one.
Ended up going with this option. We first tried to weld it up, still didn't seal properly. I decided that instead of wasting more time I'd just take it in, they did it in 2 days and it was surprisingly cheap. Had I known how cheap, it would have been my first option!

Either way, exhaust should now be fixed, so last 2 things should be new tyres and alignment. Then, fingers crossed, registration!
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