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<font color='#000000'>Does anyone know any mods that you can do to make some significant horsepower gains on a first generation 3SGE engine?  Any information would be great!!!

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<font color='#000000'>Upgrade the wires, plugs (  i mean UPGRADE, not just replace). I threw some Aurora wires on mine (canadian 8.5mm) and some HP NGK plugs, the swapped the cap and rotor for stock, and i noticed a diff...

I also have 2" exhaust from and including the flexpipe with a Power 1 2.5" inlet - 4" tip shiny chrome muff.... Also noticed a difference on the high end HP.

and one more thing that i have done, (ghetto, but works) take the bottom half of your airbox out and secure the filter somehow (i taped mine, i know, ghetto, but works  
) u may or may not notice a diff, but you should definately atleast notice a diff in sound, sounds real throaty, i love it

i have seen pics of peoples cars in here that have a cool air intake, but i dont know where to get them, i wouldnt mind findin out tho???

oooh SNAP, just saw the FIRST GEN part.... im not sure what year that was, but my car is an 89 :s sorry! haha</font>
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