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Hello everyone,

I have owned my 7th gen Celica for a year now, so I figured I may as well post up some stuff on here!

I'm currently adding bits and bobs slowly to my celi, so I thought i'd share with everyone.

Just bought a new set of wheels, they're BBS type replicas (cheap I know) but they do the trick. :)

Need to buy some coilovers and stuff before I actually fit then properly as when I took this photo I had about 7 people sitting in my boot :p

But this is how it sits right now... Bless it.

Ill be looking to buy a TRD rear valance, Spoiler and GT skirts.

Either way coilovers are next, so Im'a buy some D2's.

Anyways, ill look forward to speaking to you all and learning more about my car! Cheers, Fly.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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