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My best friend drives a 2003 Toyota Celica GTS, it was her dream car ever since she was a little girl and has become a complete Celica addict. I helped her achieve her dream; taught her manual, how to change her oil, how to control under-steer, and so much more. Recently, a Subaru Outback cut in front of us and we collided. If not for her driving skill and aftermarket brakes, the crash could have been fatal. We survived with bruising and for me a sprained ankle. With the pandemic, she is low on funds and I took it upon myself to set up a GoFundMe in the hopes of raising enough money to make this car the way she wants it to be. Even $1 is a blessing. Help My Best Friend's Dream Car, organized by Jordan Daunt

There is more information and story on the GoFundMe if you are interested. Thank you all!

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