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hey yall, (im a total noob so bear with me pls), I'm trying to install a Pioneer MVH-s622bs unit to replace the stock unit. My Celica is a 2000 GTS. I know theres 2 types of audio systems, basic and the jbl one. I couldnt find any jbl markers on the speakers, but there is a mid option along with bass and treb. I read in a thread that if you see 'mid' option you have premium jbl system. But, Im still not entirely clear on which system I have as theres conflicting information out there.

I'm wondering, if I have the headunit, and a metra 70-8113 wiring harness, and mounting brackets for the sides, will I be able to do a relatively straightforward installation? Like take the old one out and put this new one in? Or would I, for example have to bypass the factory amp & do a more complicated install?

is the metra 70-8113 the correct harness, or do i need a 70-8116?

I dont really want to change out speakers or do anything else, just want a radio thatll connect to my phone with blutooth. Any advice or help is appreciated!

metra 70-8113

metra 70-8116

pioneer head unit
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