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We have started a new section to cover all of those hard to
find parts,accessories, and mods that everyone seems to be looking for. It is under Classifieds > Hard To Find. Unlike the other sections of the message board it is read only to prevent inaccurate information and spam. Currently there is a thread started for each of the generations of celicas.

If you know where to find those hard to find items like:
guage pillars, clear lenses, turbos, aftermarket hoods and ground effects,interesting interior or exterior upgrades please email the inforamtion to [email protected] . All information that is sent to me will be verified that is available at the website you have stated and will also list approximate prices where available so that everyone out there has a quick, easy source to find parts,accessories, and mods and know how hard it will hit your wallet!

Everyones help making this a complete source for all your
upgrading wants, needs, and dreams will be GREATLY appreciated!

Also for those who are looking for parts but dont know where to find theme feel free to email and in my spare time I will try to find them for you and add them to the HARD TO FIND section of the messageboard.

the ancient

send all submissions to:
(Please include a part description and website where it can be purchased!)
[email protected]
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