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H7 LED bulbs are much brighter than Halogen. LEDs with fans in the back is the brightest., but the size and shape of LED bulbs with the fan wont fit properly into the Celica's socket.

Bought a pair of Hikari for $35, allegedly produce 8000 Lumen white light each about 20x brighter than OEM stock. I can line up the tab on the base of the bulb into the slot on the socket and insert it all the way in. The LED elements would be in the exact position as the Halogen filament and the lens would focus the beam. But the black connector adapter cannot be used with the LED's fan in the back. So the clip spring cannot hold the LED bulb in tightly.

With the clip spring loose, the weight of the fan drag the back of the bulb down, moving the LED element away from the optimum focus point, LED beams are therefore odd shaped, not a flat beam that sine a swath of road in front of the car.

I had to use foam to shim the bulb in place, but the foam does not press the bulb's base tight against the socket so the beam is not focused. I will fashon a ring of rubber bands around the base of the bulb to help the clip spring hold it in tight.

The head lights work OK now, but not a solid swath of light in front of the car. So I am still trying to improve it. Strange thing I put in LEDs in antoher Celica and it worked perfectly. I dont remember exactly how I did it, and I am afraid to take it out as it may not work again.

LEDs are worth it if they focus the beam properly. Will advise progress.
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