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3 races in the GTI

Stock GTI vs. WRX(modded)

I pulled up at a light and there was some saab 9-3 next to me and apparently next to him some modded WRX that I missed, at this time I decided I wanted to listen to my turbo spool a bit so I just rolled down my window and drove a bit harder then normal just to hear my turbo, the saab takes this personally and takes off.... I didn't bother but the WRX did... he FLEW past the saab then slowed down to speed limit again so I sped up a bit to catch up and he signaled that he was getting on the freeway(which has a 2 lane on ramp that merges into one) He pulls on waits for me to get on and when I'm about half a car behind him he takes off as do I he got another half a car length on me before we had to slow down because there was a car at the end of the on ramp. He won just barley but it was a fun race anyway, the SOUND was amazing, to turbo's spooling except his exhaust was louder then his turbo so i couldn't really hear that.

GTI vs. new Civic SI(both stock)

Pulled up to a light, kid in a baseball cap looks over at me, revs his ###### VTEC and we take off at green, pulled him 'til 60(2 car lengths) then slowed down since the speed limit was 45 he continued on and flew by at 70 or 80ish I just LOL'd. I feel like he should've been able to keep up better but I guess he was a ###### driver.

GTI vs. 300c(RICED OUT)

This guy who comes into my work drives a 300c and he thinks it's the most G thing ever, he has HID's, body kit, his badges have the Bentley "B" instead of the chrysler thing, stickers, a ####### "srt8" badge(I know it's not a SRT8 cause I saw it before he did the mods), crap ton of interior work. basically I have no idea what performance mods he has other then a exhaust... but I know it's automatic. Anyway, i'm always pretty friendly to the guy at work because I'm a tool like that, but I saw him when I was leaving one day "hehehe, finally." So I pull up and give him a rev and a nod. So we take off, I tried too hard and got a bit to much wheel spin at the start so he got the jump pulled into 2nd and he was still ahead by about half a car pulled into 3rd and took him, stayed up front.

saw him at work 2 days later and he goes "damn, that things fast, what have you done to it?" and I go "ze Germans pre-tuned it for me"

just thought I'd share my stories :]

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yeah, the last race was my favorite, I actually knew the guy so it made me happy when I started to pull on him.

The Si was just hillarious. The WRX I wish I beat but it did seem pretty heavily modded.

Oh and I totally forget that I got WALKED by a CLS 63 AMG on Dubs and straight pipes, like 6-7car lengths. I was shocked at how fast that thing was... I checked the stock 0-60 and it's 4.4seconds. He instigated so I didn't feel retarded when he walked me, I knew he'd win just not by that much.
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